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Soldier (1.3) - Adventurer Class

Often seen as front line fighters and the backbone of most standing armies. The soldier comes from many different social tiers and cultures but they are always willing to fight in the mud and filth to accomplish their mission.


Playing the Soldier

The backbone of any armor, the soldier has a wide range of weapons. This is one of the most varied of all combat classes in weapon selection. Starts at Level 1 Light armor but eventually moves up to heavier levels. If you want to fight alongside other players with the same class and player strategy, or want to use a lot of different weapons, then this is a good choice.


Armor Allowed:  Level 1

Weapons Allowed:  Dagger, Knife, Stick, Club, One handed ax, One handed spear, two handed spear, short sword, One handed mace, Two handed mace, Two handed hammer, Poleaxe, Pole Hammer, glaive, and crossbow (3 shots a day)



  • Hold the Line: For every Soldier in a group past the first, that one grants a +1 HP to each other Soldier. (For example, if there are 2 Soldiers in a group, each one grants the other +1 HP. If there are 3 Soldiers each one grants the other +2 HP). This ability is always on.

  • Combat Assessment: This ability works after you have been defeated by a player, NPC, or Monster. After you are defeated you must be healed in town and visit the tavern. After this you gain a +1 to weapon damage and +1 to APR (this is from experience and evaluation and not from armor, so the dwarven armor bonus does not apply to this). The criteria of being defeated means that you are taken to 0 HP.  If you are defeated by an entire party or group then you must pick one individual out of that party or group that the bonus applies to.

  • Level 2: Improved Armor Training - You can now use medium shields, along with any one handed weapon you can use and the shield at the same time.

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability

  • Level 4: Improved Soldier Training - Damage with Soldier weapons now gains +1 damage. 

  • Level 5: Advanced Armor Training - Your Armor Allowed increases to Level 2. 

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability

  • Level 7: Sergeant - Gain the rank and title of Sergeant. Receive 5 GP per event for your service. 

  • Improved Hold the line: The amount of HP per soldier increases to +2 HP.

  • Level 8: Improved Vigor - gain +1 HP. 

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Level 10: Captain - Gain the rank and title of Captain: Receive 10 GP per event for your service.  

  • Lead from behind: The player gains +1 APR if there is another fighter with a shield in their party.

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