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Tiefling (1.0)

Sometimes Known as hellspawn, sons or daughters of asmodeus, or demon blooded, these beings are not a singular culture but are usually outcasts that make their own way in the world.  In most of the world it is seen as a curse to give birth to a Tiefling.  The exception to this lies in the lands of the Tiss, where it is seen as a celebrated occasion. In Tiss the Tiefling is offered a life of leadership, power, and riches, even if not deserved.


Playing the Kitsune
The Tiefling is not a flexible “culture” to play but does work better in certain roles.  This is another culture where you must take special care in planning your costume, since one of the abilities only works if you have a Tiefling-like tail.

Restricted Classes: Hoplite, Hexenkrieger, and Samurai.

Religion: They usually worship the faith of their local community or family. Sometimes they find themselves in the faith of Asmodeus or Vortex, seemingly by happenstance.

Special Ability: 

  • Immune to fire spells: the Tiefling player is completely immune to fire spells (or similar).

  • Tail Disarm: As long as the player is wearing their Tiefling Tail for their costume they can use this ability.  Call out “Disarm” and successfully touch the target's hand holding a weapon with your weapon. If this is successful the target must drop their weapon to the ground. They may immediately pick it up if they want. You have this ability three times a day (3x day).  Can be renewed.

  • Immune to fear effects

  • Level 3: Fireball Spell: At this stage in the life of a tiefling they develop the ability to cast fireball. This has the same effects and stats as the normal fireball spell. This ability is gained regardless of class and can be used three times per day (3x day). Can be renewed.

  • Level 6: Tai Whip: The Tiefling is now advanced enough at controlling their tail and using it for combat.  Due to this all one handed non ranged weapon attacks gain +1 damage. This ability is always on.

  • Level 9: Frost Bolt: Can now cast the Frost Bolt spell (the same as the frost bolt scroll).  This can be done two times per day (2x day). This can be renewed.

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