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Tiss Culture (1.2)

The Isle of Tiss contains only the capital city of Tiss and the associated farming districts. However, the City State Isle of Tiss has great power despite its small size. The people of Tiss arrived here through a portal in the center of their Isle that connected to Victorian England on Earth.  Since their arrival, they have learned the ways of magic and have assimilated others into their nation as farmers. They do not seek to expand or conquer off of their island, but are known to be heavily involved in weapons trading and taking captives throughout the world. They have a strong navy and have made contact with many nations and cultures.  Each noble Tiss must join the Church of Asmodeus when they reach the proper age and are awarded certain benefits. The Tiss are great Traders, Merchants, Spies, and Diplomats, with the more “physical” classes being seen as “beneath” Tissans. The Nation of Tiss does not have any cities or settlements on the main continent, but many agents are posted throughout.

Restricted Classes: Barbarian, Samurai, Paladin, YuXia, Hedge Witch, Archer, Ranger, Druid, Hoplite.

Religion: Tiss characters usually worship the evil deity Asmodeus.  It is rumored that some Tissans secretly worship another deity of dark secrets.

Special Abilities:  

  • Natural Magic: Each Tiss character can cast the lightning bolt spell 3 times per day and renews at sun down. If your character is not loyal to the state and church of Tiss then you lose this ability. Lightning Bolt: deals 2 points of damage, but cannot be blocked by shields and ignores APR.

  •  Hand Crossbow Use: All Tiss characters can use a hand crossbow and crossbow (with 3 arrows per day). Tiss Rogues and Crossbowman gain a +1 on crossbow damage.

  • Telepathic: Tiss characters can communicate telepathically with one another as long as they stay loyal to the State and Church of Tiss.

  • Level 3: Weapons Trader - Due to the trading power and reach of the Tiss City State, the player may now use 3 other weapons of their choice with proficiency.

  • Level 6: Improved crossbow use. Tissians now do an additional +1 damage when using a hand crossbow or crossbow (for Rogues and Crossbowman this increases to +2).

  • Level 9: Power of Asmodeus: All Tiss players are now immune to fire related spells/abilities and the Entangle spells/abilities.  Always on.


Player Notes: Although the Tiss culture is not quite “steampunk” if a player wanted to play a steampunk character this would be the best option. They do not have guns, but have some low level steam gadgets.

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