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What is Dawn Lands?

Dawn Lands LARP is an interactive Live Action Role Playing game.  Our goal with the game is to make it a combination of table top RPGs with re-enactment, cosplay, costuming, arts & crafts, and foam sword fighting.

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The World

The world of the Dawn Lands is a point of the multiverse connected by many powerful ley lines. Many portals are located throughout the planet, with the majority of the portals no longer functional, but their structures remain. Over time, many different races and cultures found their way to the Dawn Lands through the portals while they were active. They then were able to establish their own presence on the planet. According to Legends, there was a highly advanced ancient race that built the portals, but the reason for them has been lost to time. Many, many eons ago, the ancient race vanished, which left the Dwarves to rule the planet in their stead and they are now considered to be the “native race” of the Dawn Lands. The Elves, the Fey, and the humans from Earth traveled through different portals and settled in. This is what has given us the Dawn Lands as we know it today.

In recent years Goblin clans have been making way from the hills and woodlands and popping up in the night like some sort of boogeyman - raiding, pillaging, and stealing.  No one is certain why this is happening, but there are many dark rumors traveling around.

During the Fall Harvest there was an attack on the Village of Hammerhome. Led by the evil Lich Queen.  The evil forces were defeat and driven off but at great cost. It was also revealed that a local villager, a former Norse raider of some skill until an injury forced him into the life of farming, was in truth a werewolf.  A centurion scout from the Reman Senate was also lurking around in the village. Even though this Centurion did fight on the side of right and good many fear what me may bring back with him.

The Masquerade ball and festival went well, but a mysterious guest did grace the Denizens of the Dawn lands.  Krampus from the Never Never and lord of naughty children demanded the hand of the Raven Queen in marriage.  After the tourneys, feasting, gaming, and general revelry was finished the Queen dismissed this Lord of the Never Never and did not accept his offer of marriage.

Recently villagers and merchant have been talking about the small farming village of Sylvanus.  It seems that they have recently taken on a new mayor and have come under the guardianship of the Reman Empire.


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