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Youxia (1.1) - Adventurer Class

This is the Knight Errant of the Jade Lands, in many ways similar to a combination of peasant warrior, Kensai, and Paladin. They roam the land seeking to help the downtrodden and those in need. This class is based on the stories of the Chinese Knight Errant in history.

Playing the Youxia

Hero of the people, protector of the good, defender of the local village, owning no property but relying on the kindness of others while spreading good and right in the world.  If you want to play a varied character that is good in several situations but does not need to war armor at beginning levels then this character class is for you.


Armor Allowed:  none

Weapons Allowed:  Long Sword, Short Sword, Single Hand Spear, Two Hand Spear, knife, dagger, Stick, Club, Broadsword/Warsword, single hand Ax, glaive 


  • Vow of Poverty: The Youxia may own no armor, no treasure, and only one (1) weapon at a time. Any money received from quest must be given to the village or merchants. Can be given a weapon as a gift or reward.

  • Vow of Truth: Youxia cannot lie or bend the truth.

  • Word Fame: If the Youxia or another member of the Youxia player’s party can tell a compelling story about the player’s deeds then they can gain one (1) in game service from a merchant (such as healing, entertainment, blessings, etc) 

  • Dexterous Movement: The player is considered to be wearing level 1 armor (stacks with battle monk, pirate dexterous movement, and others). This is due to quick movement and dodging ability. This also stacks with/adds to pre-existing armor.

  • Demon Slaying: Youxia gains a +1 to HP and a +1 to weapon damage when fighting demons, devils, and other worldly creatures. This includes Fae and related creatures also.

  • Minor Healing Touch - may heal 1 HP per level a day, on self or other player, NPC, or monster. Requires a physical touch and must be called out.

  • Starting Gold: Youxia starting gold is 0

  •  Level 2:  Improved Vigor - gain +1 HP. 

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability

  • Level 4: Advanced Word Fame - The YouXia may now receive a weapon or potion or scroll from their Word Fame ability.

  • Level 5:  Advanced Demon Slaying - Now gain a +2 HP and +2 weapon damage when fighting demons, devils, Fae, and other worldly creatures.

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability

  • Level 7:  Sword Lord - Gain the rank of title of Sword Lord. At the start of each event the people give you gifts, this could be weapons or consumables.  

  • Dual Wield swords- The Youxia can now duel wield long swords

  • Level 8: Improved Armor Training - Can now wear Level 1 (light) armor.

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Level 10: Jade Knight - Gain the rank of title of Jade Knight. The gifts given to you by the people doubles. 

  • Chi Magic: can imbue the non-ranged weapon you are holding with the properties of one of the following spells: Lighting bolt, Fireball, or Entangle. Only last for the encounter, duel, or battle and you have the ability one time a day (1/day).  Can be renewed by the Entertainer.

  • Advanced Armor Training - Can now wear Level 2 (medium) armor.

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