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NPC class.

Building Your Character










Figure out what you want to do.  Do you want to just hang out? shop? play on quest? are you just there to dress up? do you want to help? do you want to do all of the things?


You could be Cosplayer, Known as a Traveler 

And by that we mean, dress up, play games, eat the food, drink the drink, chill out, enjoy the music, sights, and sounds. Then you don't have to pick a class or culture. Dress up and make  your own character that is medieval or fantasy accurate or inspired by those things.  If you want to attend in this way but don't have a fantasy inspired character then please adjust it best you can.  You will be able to interact with all of the other players, vendors, and in game players and in game merchants.  You will not gain Experience Points, Royalty Points, or be allowed to engage in any sort of combat or quest that involved combat.  You will not receive starting in game gold but you may acquire some through role playing and you enter at a cheaper entry fee.


Fine, you are a Ghost. You can wear your every day cloths. You must wear a white sash (or some other item) showing that you are a ghost. You can hang out, check out the vendors, buy food, watch the festivities but you are not allowed to interact with characters. The exception to this are merchants, vendors, tavern staff, and some certain character classes.  

I WANT TO PLAY (and fight and quest) !!!

Then you would be an Adventurer

Awesome!  We need players too! first, you will need to pick your Culture then you will need to pick your Class. Each culture has different backgrounds and style of dress. You can vary from this a little but please try to be at least "inspired by" that culture. You can be historically based or fantasy based. You get to enjoy all  questing, feasting, vendors, merchants, games, and activities.


(but not fight or travel out of the safe area)

Then you would be an Townsfolk

A townsfolk character usually stays in town or some other neutral area.  If you are a townsfolk you would be doing something like role playing, supporting adventurers, running an in game business, or all of the above.  If you play as a townsfolk class you can engage in town quests, in town activities, duels, feasting, shopping, playing your character, etc. You get in game starting gold, in game experience points, and are eligible for royalty points and other rewards. You do not have to engage and combat and it is recommended that you do not leave the safety of town (but you can on occasion, but the townsfolk classes are not usually combat effective).  Townsfolk classes include: Smith, Entertainer, Oracle, Alchemist, Scholar, Lore Master, Guard, and Healer (also called priest or cleric).


You have several options.


You can help as one of the staff. Help in the tavern, with check in, or anything else.  If you do want to help as staff let us know at and let us know. You will get a 50% off discount! You do not have to work full time, you will get plenty of time to do your own thing.


We always need help with playing our NPCS and/or Monsters.  If you choose this option 

let us know at and let us know. You will get a 50% off discount!  You do not have to NPC the entire time, just during questing.  We will supply you with equipment and garb.  If you have your own outfit then we may be able to find a role for you that uses that. When you are not an NPC or Monster you can play your desired character.  You can pick a culture and class or you can continue to play your NPC character or something else.


 You want to be involved but don't want to quest or fight?  Well, you can be the local town Blacksmith, Healer, Oracle, Priest, Entertainer, Alchemist, Merchant, or Scholar. 

Items and Equipment: You will need to wear the equipment that your character would have. If you want to play a warrior that has Level 3 armor, then you should wear armor that would pass as Level 3.  We will have some loaner gear on site, but it will be first come first serve.  An alternative idea is to pick a class that does not need to war Level 3 armor, such as a rogue or barbarian or soldier.  This idea applies to other classes, if you cannot dress the part, either ask for assistance and loaner gear, or consider picking another class.

Pre-existing Characters: If you have a pre-existing character you would like to play (from another LARP or re-enactment organization) you are welcome to play that character as long as they fall without our rules, guidelines, and culture/class combination.  If this is not possible we can discuss it and try to work with you but you should also consider creating a new character.

Modern and Sci-fi Equipment: In the Dawn Lands, modern/sci-fi equipment is not present or does not work.  There are to be no guns, lasers, blasters, etc. Your character can use fantasy or steampunk analogs though, ex. laser blaster would instead be a crossbow. 

Non-Fantasy Characters: If you want to play something that is non-fantasy (a Jedi, or Mandalorian, Vulcan, etc.), you can adapt your character to the Dawn Lands World.  However, modern, futuristic, or sci-fi equipment that they would have does not function in the Dawn Lands.

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