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Dawn Lands Rules Reminder


Players cannot communicate with ghosts unless their player class has the ability to do so.

Ghost in forest.
Image by Michał Parzuchowski
Knife on table


Combat players have to be inspected by a Guard (or possibly Loremaster) before they can engage in combat,  quest outside of the town, or engage in a duel.

safety glasses.jpeg

Safety glasses for eye protection and groin protection

are highly encouraged but not required. If you choose not to wear eye protection or groin protection you will be required to sign an extra space on the sign in waiver.

Safety glasses.
Forms with a pen.

Character Sheets

Are not required, but are helpful.

HP and Armor Marker

You can pick up your HP maker and armor (APR) marker at check in. This is only needed if you are engaging in combat. If you are a player that is engaging in combat, then you are required to wear this and keep this on your person.

Person in full armor.
Scary Robot
Costume with black hood and glowing red eyes.


Players, NPCs, and monsters must always call out damage amount and any modification from weapons or spells or abilities. This must be loud enough for others to hear.


Can be identified by yellow and black striped staves. You can go to them to help with rules questions and quest and use of some abilities that require a loremaster.

Black and yellow stripes.


If you are reduced to 0 HP you are “dead”. If you are “dead” you may act as a ghost (following the same rules as a ghost). To be resurrected you must visit a temple, to do this you must be escorted by one or more of your party members.

Image by Patrick Hendry


  • All combat is minimum contact (aka lightest touch).

  • No strikes/hits to the head or groin.

  • Hands and feet are not targets: Accidental strikes/hits to the feet and hands do not count and are not penalized unless they are excessive.

  • All strikes must verbally call out damage points and possible accompanying effects (such as piercing, or lightning, etc).

  • No shield bashing or hitting with shields (of any kind).

  • No throwing shields.

  • No hand to hand strikes (aka you can't punch someone).

  • No grappling.

  • May only strike/hit with weapons on the area that is meant for striking and safely padded (no hitting with sword hilts for example).


Has a rating of 1 to 3

  • Level 1 armor is light armor - just bits and pieces or cloth armor.

  • Level 3 is full plate, or similar armor and goes from neck to toe.

  • Level 2 is somewhere in between.

  • If you want level 3 protection, you must wear armor that looks to be Level 3 armor.

  • Armor works as damage reduction.

  • Materials for armor must appear to be accurate to your class and culture, but can be modern materials, as long as it is hidden or covered or painted etc.

  • Shields must be padded or covered on the edges so it does not damage people or others weapons, equipment, or armor.

  • Helmets are encouraged, but not required and offer no additional protection.


  • Must be soft foam.

  • Damage dealt must be marked on the weapon.

  • You can only use weapons allowed by your class and/or culture.

  • Players cannot dual wield weapons unless allowed by their class.

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