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May Site Rules


Site Token 

You will receive your site token at check in. If you leave the site you must present the site taken at the gate to be allowed back in.

Fairy wings

Ability Renewal

All abilities can be renewed at the Fairy Glen, after one minute of resting.

Leaving the event site on Friday evening

once you troll in on Friday evening please do not leave until after 9 PM Friday evening and only if needed. On saturday please do not leave from 8:00 AM until 12:00 noon on unless it is an emergency. The road is long and narrow and we would like to keep traffic flowing one way.


The site is respectfully wet, alcohol will not be sold, but you may bring your own. Please be respectful.

Rowdy Town and Sleep Town

The Norse village of Skrattafell will be located at the top of the hill and is the quiet part of the event site, so please do not be up late in that area and rowdy after dark. The area at the bottom of the hill is the Emerald Folk town of Armskirk, and will be the “rowdy” town.  Players and participants can stay up late and carouse here.  

No Bullying

This is a bully free zone, anyone bullying will be asked to leave.

Bunk Houses

Are reserved for those that need a bunk, with electrical hookup, or special needs. Those individuals will get first pick at no extra charge. We will fill up the bunks after that on a first come first serve basis.

Parking and Unloading

Parking will take place in the field just before the check-in gate. Early arrivals may take their vehicle to their camping or merchant spot and unload and then return to the parking area.

Special Needs Parking

Those with special needs may park near their encampment or bunk house, but only at the top of the hill and only in limited numbers.

Solara Parking

A limited number, and only if needed, of Solara attendees may park near their campground at the top of the hill, but special care must be maintained to not block any trails or the road.


Please do not leave minor children unattended.


Children and Questing

Children under the age of twelve may not participate in questing or any other combat activities. Some exceptions can be made if the parent or guardian contacts staff to make arrangements before the event and all safety concerns are resolved. Children between the age of twelve to sixteen can only quest and participate in combat activities, if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian and have written permission on file.


No illegal drugs are allowed on site. Violation of this can result in immediate expulsion.

Camp Fires

All camp fires must be in the already placed fire pits. You may bring your own fire pit if wanted.

Real Weapons

Real Weapons: Are not allowed to be worn or used for Dawn Lands LARP. If a player has any, or buys them from a merchant, they must remain in their campsite or vehicle until after the event.

Collecting Firewood

 Dead or fallen wood may be collected for firewood. No trees may be cut down and do not take any of the site owners' pre-cut logs for firewood.

Wifi and Cell Service

There is no wifi and cell service is limited. Verizon seems to work okay in spots and at the top of the hill.

Showers and Bathrooms

There are showers, toilets, sinks, and running water in the bathhouse at the bottom of the hill.  At the top of the hill there is limited running water (in the kitchen) and port-a-potty like structures.

Wildlife and Hunting

There is no hunting allowed on the site, please respect all wildlife and do not harm them or their habitat.

Legal Stuff

All Dawn Lands LARP players, staff, and merchants must have a waiver and photo release on file in order to participate.


For both the Dawn Lands LARP and for the Free Company of Marius Coronet War, we highly encourage pre-registration. This helps us out immensely in many ways.

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