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Recap with Aryellas: Battle of the Falls

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

July 2023 - Battle at the Falls Location: The Flat Lick Falls

The Remans decided to lead any remaining refugees -aka traitorous townsfolk and Reman townsfolk- to safety, and they blindly followed them to the Falls after the battle at Sylvanus. It was here that the Remans had control of one of the docks, but in order to reach it, they had to traverse the wild woods - only to be hunted by a coalition of freedom fighters, fae, bandits, and elves. Here they battled with no real victor - the battle was fought to a draw due to a faulty scroll (sold by the Goblin Vex Barnhill) which summoned many, many hornets. Everyone fled, fearing even more for their lives.

The Temple of the Moons sent Dirva Thunderstone to the area, to gain information and gather intelligence to pass along to the Priestess. A Tissian archaeologist was also seen there, looking for artifacts under the name of Tarquin Expedition Inc.

The Dwarven Clan Gren had made camp previously at the Falls and were traveling to see what opportunities presented themselves with the turmoil in the north brought by the death of King Martok.

With Orcas and The Raven Queen traversing at will - the wild magic and portals on Dawn Lands soil have activated long dormant gateways - pulling souls from a long forgotten realm. With fleeting memories and the help from the Lady of the Woods, a champion of the people was found and remembered.

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