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Recap with Aryellas: The Fall Festival

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

October Event 2022- The Fall Festival Location: Town of Hammer Home

Overall Theme: In the Realm of the Shadowfell, Orcas lusted to conquer the lands of the Raven Queen and drive her out. This led her to the decision to make a deal with Krampus, only they weren’t quick enough. This allowed the minions and the power of the Demon Lord to grow quicker than expected, so her followers left Shadowfell and made way to Dawn Lands. They didn’t mean any harm, but their arrival pushed many of the orc and goblin clans out of their territories and into the dwarven mountains and the plains of the Dawn Lands - and even into the cities of the Reman empire, causing a fair bit of mayhem. When Orcas learned of her travels, he sent his minions in search of the Raven Queen and her forces, one of which was the Lich Queen.

The Town of Hammerhome hosted a colorful array of characters from Admiral Ursagor to The Mad Princess and was a newly conquered Reman land that offered trade and adventure. The Lich Queen, having raised an army with the help of the Demon Lord, marched upon the town of Hammer Home, turning a fair number of townsfolk and adventurers into the undead in the process. When the Raven Queen learned of this abomination, she appeared in order to defend the land from the Lich Queen and her filth. Rallying the remaining townsfolk to her side, with the help of Komi, Brannith and Vegas Marius, Vixy (The Raven Queen's Voice), Thessas, and King Valstag, they managed to take the Lich Queen's crown, but her spirit went back into her phylactery - and many are awaiting her return. King Valstag presented the crown to the Raven Queen and swore loyalty to her so long as it didn't go against his God, Torag. Thessas Ironhaire dedicated himself as paladin of the Raven Queen that night. Those that survived burned their dead and started anew with the help of the Raven Queen.

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