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Recap with Aryellas: The Spring Festival

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

May 2023 Event - The Spring Festival

Location: The Village of Sylvanus

The Village of Sylvanus was recently annexed by the Remans. Despite this, the Lady of the Woods still held a Maypole dance and festivities.

A group of bandits moved into the surrounding forest, often waylaying merchants, travelers, and pilgrims.

The migration of the Stryder beasts depleted many of the crops, leaving barren fields and empty stomachs. The Lady of the Woods in her Dragons Den Tavern did her best to quell the hunger pains.

The new Mayor Orlock (appointed by the Remans) hired adventurers to take care of the issues plaguing the town. He also introduced the game of Goblin Ball, which he had the villagers play for his amusement. But they actually kinda liked it.

Bunny of the Woods made it her mission to free the animals imprisoned by the Remans and to drive off the oppressors. Aryellas (in order to gain the attention of Bunny the Elf), with the help of Komi, attacked the mayor, yelling “REVOLUTION” which helped sway many to join the Freedom Fighters against EVIL AND OPPRESSION (cause chaotic good). They were able to drive the Remans out of town and kill Orlock, which led to a group of bandits and freedom fighters to take control of the village. Or maybe it was some Tiss Lady that they call the Bandit Queen? Dun dun duuuuun.

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