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Spring walking challenge (Journey to the Faewyld)

Updated: Jun 3

After the assassination of King Volstagg in the town of Skrattafell, the followers of Orcus have made their presence known. The Temple of the Seven Moons, along with aid and cooperation from the Temple of the Morrigan, seek to revive this fallen Dwarven prince.  All adventures of a stout heart, strong hand, agile mind, and great bravery! Please make your way to Flat Lick Falls with the blessing of both temples. Journey to the Faewyld and retrieve the needed artifacts and components for the ceremony.

The distance from Armskirk to Flat Lick Falls is long and has become dangerous. The distance is vast but due to the underground Dwarven trolley networks, carriages for hire, and riverboats the total distance traveled is a mere 75 miles. But be warned, a band of Dark Wraiths led by the Fallen Paladin Thorgrim will be pursuing you. It would be wise to travel in a group unless you are quick on your feet! Good luck to those who heed the calling.

Travel to

  • The Dwarven village of Tarvin Dur (60 miles to go), there you will take the underground horse pulled trolly system to Nalbadar.

  • Nalbadar (40 miles to go), which houses the largest temple to the Dwarven pantheon on the continent. The strong Dwarven walls will protect you here while you rest.

  • From Nalbadar travel on foot to the Reman town of Hibernia (20 miles to go)

  • From Hibernia travel on foot, gaining horse and wagon travel where possible (in the story, not in real life) until you reach the largest city of the eastern Coast, New Dawn (10 miles to go). There you may seek rest within the strong walls of the city.

  • Along the road to New dawn stay away from Shadow Tor (5 miles to go). The ruined wizards tower is rumored to be controlled by an ancient lich who abducts passers by to perform unholy experiments on them.

  • From New Dawn travel via foot to Flat Lick Falls, and there the portal to the Faewyld awaits you.


  1. Miles may be earned by walking, running, (this includes an elliptical or treadmill, swimming, or rowing (this includes rowing machine). 

    1. Bicycles, gnomish Motorbikes, and stationary bicycles are not allowed.

    2. Under the desk station bicycles are allowed.

  2. Pick a group to join or accept the challenge alone. Your party can be no larger than 5 members.

  3. First post in one of the official chat groups

    1. The related Facebook chat

    2. The discord channel

    3. Or comment directly on the related blog (at the bottom in the comments section

    4. Declare your team/single adventurer. Under that post please continue to post proof of your miles. Use any app that can show your mileage and date if possible.

  4. Start date is 6/3/2024, end date is no later than 7/6/2024. The pursuit starts on 6/5/2024.

First post example:

    Character name:

    Team Guild/house/ single adventurer:

How to win: 

  • Party/single adventurer must outrun the pursuing Dark Wraiths and complete their miles to reach Flat Lick Falls. 

  • Team Dark Wraith wins by catching the team/single runner. They will be at a disadvantage, they will start 2 days later. 

  • Team Dark Wraith will not begin the race until 2 days past the first day of the race. Any miles accrued before the start day will not count.

  • Posts before midnight will be calculated for that day. 

  • An updated excel sheet of the miles for each team/single adventurer will be given in the event and an updated map. 

  • All participating teams not “caught” by the Dark Wraiths will receive at least 1 XP for each party member. The team that first reaches Flat Lick Falls will receive 3 XP for each party member, 2nd place will receive 2 XP for each member.

  • Party members must be existing players or their spouse, significant other, or family. Party members that have never attended an event before may join a Party with special permission (please contact Commander Vegas Marius, not a rogue Aryellas Darkbloom, or Sgt. Brannith Marius).

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