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The Queens of the Faewyld

Updated: Jun 25

The Summer and Winter Courts, ruled by twin sisters, govern and control the Faewyld. While it might be easy to separate them into good and evil, the morality of the Courts is not that simple and to believe that is often perilous. Both courts are chaotic, as is the Faewyld and both make dangerous enemies to any that offend them. All fae can be spiteful, especially when they’ve been offended. The Courts should be looked at as the embodiments of their seasons, which reflect their natural powers.

The two courts don’t often get along - they have a complex web of alliances and politics - which sometimes makes them friends, but also rivals. They highly dislike and disdain each other, opposing the other fundamentally, so conflict is often.  However, they do not seek to destroy the other as they were created to be complementary forces. The Queens, being sisters, don’t outright hate each other, only the nature of the other - this is what allows them to collaborate to keep the Faewyld protected. When the Winter Court needs help against outsiders, the Summer Court is the first to lend aid. They can put all petty squabbles and their differences aside for the greater survival of the Faewyld.

Fae Courts are serious about keeping their identities and traditions. They deal with politics and intrigue, so the idea of favors as currency is common. To owe a favor to one of the greater fae is often considered to be worse than death, as the contract or deal is tethered to one’s soul, leaving them bound for eternity. Making deals and favors with a fae can be advantageous and dangerous. 

The Winter Court of Mab: Cold, Darkness, Death Adjectives: noble, cunning, elusive, well-mannered, spiteful, vengeful, charming, feral, cold, stoic, secretive, mysterious, illusions 

Queen Mab (Queen of Air and Darkness - Winter and Autumn) is the Queen of the Winter Court. Those in this court are known as the evil or malevolent faeries by humans. The word itself means unhappy, unlucky, or cursed, which reflects the nature of this court. They are often chaotic evil, out for themselves, and lack empathy for their victims. They are more powerful in the autumn and winter and at night or a new moon. It is thought that in some lore, the Winter Court enjoys the darkness of humanity - especially our darker emotions (greed, lust, gluttony, jealousy) and feeds off of those emotions and energy. 

Queen Mab is ruthless, but always good to her word. Her main goal is to maintain the balance between the two courts and to protect the Faewyld from outsiders. Because of this, the winter fae are often viewed as being viscous, cruel and hard, like winter itself. She believes in reason, logic, and the supremacy of the mind and behaves accordingly. She is often viewed as emotionless, fierce, cruel, harsh, and having a cold demeanor. She is a creature of great hatred, though she can be compassionate - however, such a display is seen as weak, so it will not be displayed often.  Queen Mab should not be underestimated. Those foolish enough to betray her will always suffer a fate most terrible.

Deals arranged with this court carry a degree of risk as most winter fae are cruel, emotionless, and often ruthless. Others can be sly and mischievous, but with a hint of cruelty. Fae from this court need not be offended to take action against others. The Winter Court isn’t always malevolent, but they’d rather not help humans or outsiders. This court is also known to not lie, but they do equivocate and use ambiguous language to conceal the truth. Not all fae found in the court are cruel and malicious, like the infamous Kringle and Mother Winter, but they can be hard to find. 

The Winter Knight: ruthless and powerful, cold and calculating, deadly, determined and tenacious. He guards the court and the frozen lands of winter. Their power comes from Queen Mab. He is an extension of Queen Mab's will and does any task that his Queen may not have time for. 

The Summer Court of Titania: Fire, Earth, Light Adjectives: noble, renewal, warmth, honorable, charming, bright, brilliant, relentless, strong, arrogant, stoic, aggressive, wrath Queen Titania (Queen of Life and Light - Spring and Summer) is the Queen of the Summer Court. Seelie means happy, lucky, or blessed. These fae tend to interact more often with humans and are known to be friendlier of the two courts - seeking help as well as helping, warning those who have accidentally offended them, offering alliances, and returning human kindness with favors of their own. That doesn’t mean they don’t avenge insults or aren’t prone to mischief. They are more powerful in the Spring and Summer and during the day or a full moon. It is Queen Titania’s duty to keep Queen Mab’s power in check and to protect humans from the Winter Court. While she doesn’t have Queen Mab’s numbers when it comes to forces, she can still destroy her. She often follows the wisdom of the heart.

Queen Titania can be vengeful, if necessary - especially if you’ve broken one of the Rules of Hospitality while in her court. While the fae found in this court can be good and friendly, that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Her court is the perfect example of the whimsical natures of the fae - they love adventures and partying between dusk and dawn. They are more often to show kindness to humans who obey their laws and can be quite warm and hospitable, loving even. These are the fae that like to return kindness with favours of their own - most often with gifts of food, good health and fortune, and even being saved from dangers.

They are also more light hearted in their pranks, not always realizing what harm they are doing. The fae found in this court do not lie, as that’s considered to be terribly rude, they can omit information or details as they see fit - and they like to leave clues through riddles that would take some time to decipher. 

The Summer Knight: valor and victory, courage and cleverness, glory, grace and wit. His power comes from Queen Titania. He guards and protects the Summer Court and forests. He is an extension of Queen Titania’s will and does any task that she may not have time for.

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