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Upcoming events

that Dawn Lands players and/or House Marius could be attending. Including Dawn Lands events.

House Marius fight practice Sunday June 23rd

(Dawn Lands event, aka “local” for xp) - Free!

open to all Dawn Lands players and House Marius fighters.

no quests, just fight, but non fighters can hang out and chit chat or work on crafts or whatever

1 xp for everyone that attends.

June 27th to 30th (possible) - Armistice

(non Dawn Lands event, no xp)

At the same site as the SCA event Pennsic, but will have far far fewer numbers. It is a heavy rattan, rapier/fencing, LARP and boffer combo event.

We can camp with the Principality of Solara, they have a good spot. Pre-reg ends June 15th but you can pay at the gate.

Journey to the Faewyld - Saturday July 13th

(Dawn Lands event, aka “local” for xp)

One day event but you can camp the night before and the night after, either at the campsite (you have to pre-register with the park system there) or at Mount Marius.

This is an official Dawn Lands Event, pre-reg here:

Facebook link here: 

Witching Wood Rumble: Tournament of Heroes and Mystic Marketplace July 19th -21st

(not a Dawn Lands event, but since the Witchers are our Allies, we will give 1 XP for anyone that goes out to help or participate if we do a demo)

This is a combo Ren Faire and EMP/LARP/Live Steel/Heavy combat/Fencing event. Co-hosted by our friends the Witchers. We will get together as many fighters to attend as possible. Both to help them with their heavy combat demo and to possibly demo Dawn Lands LARP.  We are welcome to camp if we like but I personally (Brannith Marius) probably won't. You can attend the entire weekend or just one day, the field battles are going to be on Saturday. I personally will probably just attend Saturday.

Witcher September event


Dawn Lands LARP fall event - Night of Embers

October 4th-6th (friday through saturday)

Wandering Dragon Medieval Market - Knoxville TN

Sometime in November

We will be offering 1 XP for anyone that attends this event and helps us demo there.

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