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Dawn Lands Character maker

And! current XP and RP totals!

We have worked a long time on this. Special thanks for Robbie (Volstag), Jana (Aryellas) and Jenny Story.

This is a google doc, so you may need a google account. There may be loading issues on your mobile device, if so please load the google docs app, but it works better on a desktop or laptop.

Link to Dawn Lands character creator.

Operation There are 3 sheets that players should be concerned with, 4 if you are a Liege Lord.

Character Sheet (New Player)

To build a new player click on the New Player tab.

You just have to enter, Character Name, Player name, pick a culture, and pick a class. Even though everyone starts with 0 XP, you will need to put in 1 XP for now (due to coding issues for the moment). If you want to print this character sheet you should be able to get it on one page but may have to adjust a bit.

Character Sheet Known Player

To find your XP, RP, player stats, or print your character sheet go to this tab. To be on this sheet/tab you must have attended at least one event, and earned xp, or completed at least one challenge. Remember, merchants (that do not NPC or help as staff), spectators, ghost, and travelers (cosplayers) do not earn XP.

To pull up your character sheet all you have to do is find your player name on the Player Name pull down menu. If your listing is not 100% accurate please let us know and we will fix it or update it ASAP. You should be able to print this on one page. Player Details Go there to see your details and total XP, RP, and basic stats. You should not be able to change anything here, but you can check to be sure that your info is accurate.

If you are a Liege Lord you can go to the Player Household section. You should not be able to change anything there but can check to make sure that the information is accurate.

Limitations Since this is a "shared" document, if two (or more) people are using it at once the can simultaneously change the same data points at the same time. You can try to download it into a MS XL sheet, but that has not worked well for us so far.

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