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Updated: Dec 18, 2023

In no particular order, listed below are some tips you may or may not find useful.

Please have fun and enjoy yourself! Players are attending the LARP to escape reality a bit - not to judge other players or newcomers. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes - they happen to seasoned LARPers too. The more you interact, the more others will interact with you. I feel like it’s easy to make friends at LARPs because I’m already around like-minded individuals and they’re there to have fun, like me! It’s ok to start small - be that your costume, character, weapons, or the event that you attend. Work with what you have and modify it. I would try to only purchase the essential items for a first event - unless you’re really sure about what you want and want to spend some money. If you start small with your character, you leave room for character development. No one knows your character in their entirety yet - let your character grow with you as they gain experience. Always bring snaaaaaaaacks. Try not to take yourself too seriously - we’re playing pretend! You’re in character, so YOU didn’t do it - your character did. It’s ok to make mistakes.

It is easier to create a character that fits the setting, because it is easier to immerse yourself into gameplay. At Dawn Lands, we might have some character sheets already created for you to play at an event, but we love it when you get to play what you want. We are happy to have you at our LARP event, so if you have any questions, please ask them! We’d love for you to be a part of our growing community, so you’ll be taken care of. Showing you the ropes so to speak not only benefits you, but also us. Your first event will be full of information and the more you learn, the more you’ll be able to roleplay! If you find yourself unsure at a time when you can’t ask your question, save it and ask later. We will be happy to help you understand gameplay or what to do in different scenarios. Don’t spend more money than you need to on your character. People scary? You betcha! Stage fright and social anxiety are things - things I have to deal with. Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention in a crowd - some love it, others hate it, and others endure it. Just know that you aren’t alone with your anxieties and do your best not to let them get the best of you and prevent you from having fun. If you’re shy like me…simply play a shy character! Or maybe they’re feral and don’t like to talk. I’m not going to judge if you hiss at people. If you play a shy character, you can use them to kind of hide behind. It’s not you, it’s your character! They’re shy! As you feel more comfortable, you can open up. I’ve also heard that playing a character that is your total opposite works too. You can be who you aren’t in the mundane world through them. I could see how that could be freeing.

Stay in the background. Be broody. Or let the Lore Master know that you’re uncomfortable - they can take the time to let you adapt and you can go at your own pace. Start small - talk to a fae! I hear that Aryellas is pretty nice. After talking to one player, it’ll be easier to talk to others. Maybe create a catchphrase or 10 to kinda hide behind until you gain more confidence. If you feel overwhelmed, step back. Interacting and experiencing new things is a big deal! Be gentle with yourself and take breaks - others will understand. The more you know your character, the better you can play them. Put yourself where you feel safe (as a player, spectator, or NPC), but being part of the story will help you develop your character. You need to be comfortable with your backstory. Backstories help others understand your character and why they behave the way they do. Like, why they love adventuring or why they need lots of snack breaks. It’s gotta be enjoyable - do what you want! It’s important to find characteristics that you can portray during an event with comfort and ease. Remember to pack your essentials! Research the event - the rules, backstory, events, cultures, classes - this will help you prepare for the event itself and your character. While you’re at the event, be at the event. The real world won’t disappear while you play.

Socialize and make friends! There will most likely be some downtime, so if you’re easily bored, bring some entertainment! Or socialize with other players. If you’d rather not, bring a game or an instrument. Sit in the Dragons Den Tavern and watch others. Try to stay in character as much as possible and keep other players' experiences in mind. Talking about mundane things can take the fun away from what’s happening. Do your best to hide any mundane items while immersed at the event - they can take away the experience for others and change the atmosphere. If you need to take a break, take it! Especially if it’s your first event. There are a lot of new experiences going on.

A good pair of boots will become a necessity. Just like snacks.

Have someone take a picture of you at your first event! It’ll be a great memory for you and if you’re developing your character, you can see their before and after!

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