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NPC Or Ghost

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

So, you’d like to attend a Dawn Lands LARP event, but not sure what to expect or maybe a bit shy or simply want to feel things out. There’s an easy answer for that! Come play as an NPC! Or if that’s too much for you, attend as what we like to call, a Ghost. But, wait! What's an NPC? A non-player character (NPC) is basically there to be a part of the story of the LARP, to fill various roles, and add to the environment for the players. An NPC could be: a monster, serving wench, tavern keeper, merchant, bartender, guard, farmer, pack of rats (not really, but that might be fun) and so on. Their job is to enhance the amusement and experience for players.

Most events need NPCs and those that give themselves up as tribute will receive some perks - they get in half price, gain extra xp, and if needed, will be given an outfit or various props to use. It can be great fun to play as an NPC - and if you’re a first time LARPer, it can be beneficial because you’ll get to ease into the game as you figure things out. You get to learn how the game works, how other people interact and play, the setting and story of the game, and lots more without having to spend a lot of money or fret about character creation. Think of it as a way to be guided through the event if you’re hesitant about playing your own character or if you don’t know who exactly you want to play. (or if you want those extra xp’s. I don’t blame you.)

There really isn’t a need to worry about what to do, as an NPC’s role is very structured - you have one job! Well, you might have a couple, but your role is your role. You might be a serving wench who overheard some valuable information and players must interact with you in order to find out what you know. Or you might be a town guard who saw something the night before, but you’ll only let those who ask you know. Maybe you witnessed something horrid, but you have to find a way to let others know without letting the culprit know you know! Either way, there are a ton of different roles and you’ll know exactly what to do.

Ok, that’s cool and all…but what about the Ghost thing? If playing a character of your creation or an NPC is still a bit scary and you don’t want to interact with many people at all, simply spectate, then you have the option of attending a Dawn Lands event as a Ghost! We use the term Ghost, because you won't be allowed to interact with the other players (save for a select few) or go on quests. You can however hang out, watch the happenings, visit the merchants to shop and the tavern to eat/drink, and talk to other Ghosts.

Playing an NPC will allow you to gather a ton of info to help prepare you for the next event! If you’re worried about having to interact a lot or don’t want to be given a major role, feel free to ask if you can be assigned a smaller role. We want you to have fun and be comfortable! Even if that means attending as a Ghost (Spectator). We will be happy to share the experience at your comfort level.

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