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My Character’s Appearance

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

So, I’m not gonna lie. Finding the right concept for clothing, armor, and weapons for your character can be a very fun, yet overwhelming task. You gotta think about what you want your character to look like and what you want them to carry. It is very helpful to consider the setting, their backstory, practicality (this is super important), and your own comfort. These things will help you turn your costume into your character’s clothing - which is the ultimate goal. Don’t worry if you end up tinkering and modifying your clothing and equipment as you gain more experience - that’s completely acceptable and encouraged. Through questing, you’ll even acquire an item or two.

Before a debate starts, Imma come out and say it…it’s ok to buy OR create your own props and/or costume - if you’re able to make your own garments, it can help cut down on costs as can altering clothing you already have. It also helps to keep things simple at the beginning- like a tunic with a belt or a blouse with a skirt, because you can always add more items as you flesh out your character. I like to consider myself to be a practical(ish) person, so I made it a goal to find clothing that I could also use as everyday wear. Since you’ll be moving around a lot, anything that is comfortable, flexible, and lightweight is a sure win. To help you brainstorm, feel free to look up medieval and renaissance fashions. Try looking around on Pinterest, but don’t get lost there like I do. Maybe consider what some of your favorite fantasy characters look like in films or books. This can help you figure out where to start.

If you’re like me, you might end up wanting to have a few variations for your character (fancy feast wear, adventuring wear, carousing wear), just remember to keep your character recognizable - carry things over between outfits. Having extra outfits for your character, especially for longer events (due to hygiene, stomping in mud puddles, or playing in the rain) is a good idea. Having clothing that can adapt to various types of weather is also something to keep in mind. Layering is your friend! Remember, if you get too hot, you can only take so much off before people look at you funny. Make sure to think about ways to make your character look unique. What do people notice when they first see you? What do you want them to see? What sets you apart? Your costume can be a way to express or give hints to your character’s personality, backstory, and class. A wonderful and easy way to help your character set themselves apart is with various accessories - which your class and culture can give you a starting point. Your imagination may very well be the limit for your character’s appearance.

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