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Lore of the Faewyld

In the heart of an ancient forest, where the trees whisper their secrets and the air hums with magic, there lies a hidden portal to the Faewyld. This mystical realm, known for its enchanting beauty and unpredictable nature, is a place where reality intertwines with dreams, and time dances to its own whims.

Here is a world unlike any you’ve ever seen. The air is thick with the scent of blooming flowers, and the sky is painted in hues of lavender and gold. But amidst the beauty lurks danger, for the Faewyld is a place where the line between friend and foe are blurred like the mist.

You may find yourself guided by mystical fae creatures of all shapes and sizes (from playful faeries to fearsome dragons) during your questing - keeping you company as you gain audience with Queen Mab of the Winter Court. 

The Faewyld is ruled by whimsy and chaos - full of wonder and mysteries. Mysterious flora and fauna make navigating the land extremely challenging. Even the landscape is untrustworthy here - as the plants and wildlife might move and change to misdirect adventurers. Many fae creatures have an evil intent, while others are simply chaotic and selfish. They view outsiders as an opportunity to have fun without caring about the consequences that might befall them - hence the pranking and manipulation they are well known for. While the Fae don’t lie, they can twist their words whenever it benefits them. 

Creatures often found in the Faewyld: pixies, hags, monstrous plant creatures, nymphs, redcaps, goblins, lycanthropes, and archfaes. Archfae’s are some of the most powerful entities in the Faewyld and can be a great ally to adventurers, a manipulative trickster, or a dangerous enemy.

Fae can gift strange magics or send mortals on quests simply for their own entertainment. The plane (Faewyld) will enforce any deals made there, not the Fae themselves. If you find yourself having made a deal with a fae creature for power or for a favor, you better hold up your end or find yourself in a worse position. Fae that make pacts and bargains become magically bound to their promises and breaking an oath places them under the power of another creature. To swear an oath or promise favors to another is reserved for times of desperation or maybe even for a desire of extreme fun. The fae have an intrinsic understanding of their world and how it works - which in turn informs them on how they need to behave with all creatures. They understand that the Faewyld is a dangerous place and so they must be - cold and calculating like the huge wild beasts that roam their beloved forests. Fae respect traditional laws, like how cold iron can stop them from entering an abode. When a fae makes a promise, they must deliver or face the wrath of those they have wronged. Visitors are placed under the same expectations when it comes to making pacts, even if the visitor has no idea of the consequences. 

In this realm lie the Summer and Winter Courts, ruled by twin sisters. While it might be easy to separate them into good and evil, the morality of the courts is not that simple - and their chaotic nature makes both factions dangerous enemies to those that offend them. 

Queen Mab of the Winter Court. Those in this court are known as the evil or malevolent faeries. The word itself means unhappy, unlucky, or cursed, which reflects the nature of this court. They are often chaotic evil, out for themselves, and lack empathy for their victims. They are more powerful in the autumn and winter and at night or a new moon. It is thought that in some lore, the winter court enjoys the darkness of humanity - especially our darker emotions (greed, lust, gluttony, jealousy) and feeds off of those emotions and energy. Queen Mab is ruthless, but always good to her word. Her main goal is to maintain the balance between the two courts and to protect the Faewyld from outsiders. She believes in reason, logic, and the supremacy of the mind and behaves accordingly. 

Queen Titania of the Summer Court. Seelie means happy, lucky, or blessed. These fae tend to interact more often with humans - seeking help as well as helping, warning those who have accidentally offended them, and returning human kindness with favors of their own. That doesn’t mean they don’t avenge insults or aren’t prone to mischief. They are more powerful in the Spring and Summer and during the day or a full moon. It is Queen Titania’s duty to keep Mab’s power in check. While she doesn’t have Mab’s numbers when it comes to forces, she can still destroy her. She often follows the wisdom of the heart.

Things to remember:

Favors are a powerful bargaining tool of the Fae.

Accepting offerings or gifts from the Fae may indebt you to them.

Follow the Rules of Hospitality.

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