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Creed of the Raven Queen

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Raven Queen, Queen of Phantoms, Queen of the Slain, The Nightmare Queen, The Morrigan: She is many things. Power and destruction. Joy and terror. She is warrior, death omen, mother, lover, spy conspirator, faerie, shape-shifter, magick weaver, and healer.

When you come to me and heed my call, I claim you as my own and bind myself to you. To help you find the strength within, so that you may be of greater service to our destiny. You will be tested. You will sacrifice, but so will I. You will be guided by prophecy, battle, and justice. To invite me is to entreat me - to beat death is to win my graces. We will respect and welcome all persons into our fold and show our commitment to the active practice of justice and inclusivity. You must strive to do better, each and every day, so that you may develop the qualities of a warrior and the skills that will enable you to stand up for what we love and value. You must vow to me that you will fight for a better world for those now and after. Your physical skills will be tested. Your spiritual defenses will be tested. Your ability to collaborate will be tested. And through this, I will make a weapon of you. You will find the strength, the unconquerable will, and the warrior heart you didn’t know you kept within. I will offer you greatness through your own merit. I am bound by those in need of me, those who have cried my name. Here I must stay. Here I must destroy the oppressors and ensure justice remains. I protect my own.

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