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Recap with Aryellas: Dawn Lands Victory Celebration

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

January 2023 Event - Dawn Lands Victory Celebration and Masquerade Ball Location: Lodge of Hammer Home

After the townsfolk, with the help of Thessas, Vixy, Komi, Brannith and Vegas, King Valstag and the Raven Queen herself, drove away the Lich Queen from Hammer Home, time was made for celebration during the long winter. The Raven Queen held court and celebrated the townsfolks victory by holding a Masquerade Ball - awards were bestowed by The Raven Queen's Voice and the Temple of the Seven Moons established itself in this area. Krampus showed face and demanded the hand of the Raven Queen as payment for his assistance in her war with Orcas. It was decided that he would host a tournament to win her favor and champions were found. Before a decision was announced by the Raven Queen, a Reman soldier brought word from the Reman Imperial Senate demanding that all lands and peoples be surrendered to them. If not, the lands would be unprotected and left at the mercy of foreign invaders. Upon this announcement, the Raven Queen called forth her followers, letting Krampus know that her work wasn’t done and the people needed her. He could stay or go on his whim.

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