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The Wild Hunt Lore

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

It has been many years since the fearsome image of the Wild Hunt has been witnessed traversing the forests and roads of the Dawn Lands or heard the horn blows, signifying their arrival. Many stories and lore abound, depending on which area of the Dawn Lands you are in and who you hear tell the tale. Most tend to agree that The Wild Hunt is led by mythological figures - a Lord and Lady of the Hunt who are accompanied by creatures such as werewolves, fae, nymphs, and other wild folk, like the wilder elves.

The reasons for The Wild Hunt also vary depending on who you talk to. Some will swear that the Wild Hunt is the foretelling of disease, war, and famine. Or if you don’t stay hidden inside of your home and are found outside and in their path, they will whisk you away to the Fae Wilds for their own amusement. If you do find yourself out at night, it is best to keep a sprig of parsley in your pocket or maybe it's a bit of bread. Some believe that in times past The Wild Hunt has been called upon by the lands themselves; to protect it from invaders - those wanting to use the land for their own gain. Anyone captured or those unworthy who find themselves in the Wild Hunts path, find themselves joining the hunt, doing its bidding as hounds. The hounds find themselves attacking previous companions - adding them to the Hunt - ever growing in numbers, until the coming dawn releases the fae and the Lord and Lady. The Wild Hunt has mainly been seen traveling through the lands during the Fall and Harvest Festival, bringing many blessings to any area that set out offerings and gifts. There have even been times when the people themselves have dined and shared drink with the Wild Hunt, joining in the festivities of the town. Long held traditions (many of the reasons behind said traditions have been lost to time) have led many towns to continue to hold festivals during this time even today. Some decide to stay inside, behind magicked doors, and keep the night at bay with stories, song, and fire until the light shines through the cracks of their abode.

In the Town of Sylvanus, festivities and merriment will be held in remembrance of the Wild Hunt. The townsfolk are a fairly superstitious bunch, staying true to the ways of old despite the Remans attempts to thwart their ways. Come join in on the feasting and gaming. You may keep your steel, sheathed at your side. Dance around the bonfires, find your true loves name through the magick of the apples, help carve pumpkins to keep the haints away, and eat until you can eat no more.

The Hunt could be seen as both light and dark. Bringing with them a reminder of the wild and untamed force of nature. Are they benevolent? Or Dangerous? Are they to be seen as heroes? Or villains? Tonight we honor the Wild Hunt and the wild ones. Join us if you dare…

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